Car Insurers

Insurance companies that issue policies in relation to vehicle damage coverage or liability are car insurers. The policies that these companies issue for this type of coverage is most commonly called car insurance but depending on the country it can also be called motor insurance, auto insurance or vehicle insurance.

Factors insurers use to determine a premium

When insurers calculate premiums as well as excesses that individuals will pay for insuring their car, various risk factors are used when determing these policy rates. These risk factors can include but not limited to age, gender, marital status, geography, purpose use of vehicle, location, driving record, vehicle type, credit rating, years of driving experience, theft protection, car modfications, multiple cars of policy and accident claims. Each of these factors contribute to an overall determination of risk when calculating the premium including recovering cost of operations.

Car Insurance companies around the world

RAC UK RAC UKUnited KingdomRoadside Assistance, Travel, Home, Carn/a1897n/an/a7 million members
More Th>n More Th>nUnited KingdomProfessional Indemnity, Van, Life, Carn/a2001n/an/a2 million customers
Aviva AvivaUnited KingdomVan, Learner Driver, Car, Home, Lifen/a1696n/an/aover 14 million customers/ 2 million personal motor customers
Real Insurance Real InsuranceAustraliaLife, Income Protection, Home, Carn/an/an/an/an/a
NRMA NRMAAustraliaBoat, Car, BusinessOnline, Phone, Braches in some statesOrigins date back to 1925 in NSW and ACTGeneral - AutoInsurance Australia Groupn/a
Bingle BingleAustraliaCarOnlineFormed in 2007AutoSuncorp Groupn/a